Is Kinetic open to everyone?
Kinetic is a private platform. Entry to join the community is by invitation only, by those connected to a project. If you are a student or staff member who has uploaded material onto the platform, your project will only be visible to those invited by MakerSpace, idea entrepreneurs or the ANU community. 

Can I vote more than once on a project?
Yes, you may vote more than once on a project. You have five votes. You can place up to 3 votes on any one project.
Vote carefully as you cannot change your votes once they have been cast.

Can people see which projects I vote for?
Yes. Part of the aim of the platform is to create transparency. We believe that seeing who has voted for what strengthens each project.

I have forgotten my user name and/or password. Who do I contact?
For any difficulties accessing the platform, please press reset password button.

What’s in it for me?
We recognise that it takes your time and attention to read about, watch and understand the projects on the wall. You have been invited to use the platform as part of the wider ANU Community. We believe that putting all kinds of people together, centred around novel social and commercial enterprises will strengthen the projects and the inputs they received. In exchange for this, as a voter, you receive access to a wide range of high quality projects, early access to talent, and the opportunity to forge closer relationships with emerging talent.

Who put this together?
The platform is a partnership between ANU MakerSpace, Compton School and Wizer.

How did you source the projects that I’m looking at?
The projects entered a competitive call out in November 2022. It is a new funding opportunity aimed to foster novel social and commercial enterprises. Kinetic offers up to $50,000 worth of support and funding for up to 4 successful teams. The participants have all received additional training before putting their projects on the wall.

How will my votes and comments be used?
Your votes will be added to each project. The projects with the highest votes and engagement will be asked to proceed to further rounds, where the projects will be iterated and strengthened with commercial pitch training. After successive rounds of public voting, four winners will be chosen at a live pitching event in June 2023.  Your comments will help projects to navigate the complexities of bringing a project to life. Any help you may offer by way of introductions, mentorship, resources, meetings, commercial arrangements or interest are between yourself and the project team. The platform takes no position in these arrangements.

What do I do if I want to get in touch with a team about a project?
We encourage all meaningful dialogue about projects! Please contact the parties directly to discuss their work. Contact information is displayed on each project page.

Is there a commercial link between voting and my company/the company I work for, or the role I have?
The purpose of the wall is to give new projects a meaningful way to create momentum and traction for projects as they develop. Whilst all contact and leads are encouraged, there is no expectation that a vote for a project constitutes any kind of commercial arrangement.

Wishlist FAQ’s
For team members creating projects

On Kinetic, you have 3 opportunities to ask your community for things you need help with, so use them wisely! You can add another request once a wish has been completed.
A few tips to guide you:
-Be realistic about what you are asking for.
-Be specific about your ask.
-Don’t ask for too much. Remember that any help someone gives you can go a long way in advancing your project.
-Be polite. Thank people in your community for their time, energy and engagement.

Some examples of things you might have on your Wishlist

-Looking for introductions to certain people
“We are actively seeking an experienced person to guide us."
“We would love to find someone who has experience with financing new projects."
“Our team would like recommendations for a practitioner who can help guide us through product development."

-Looking for Advice or Mentoring
“Our team would benefit from access to a mentor who has done a big, complicated project before. If you know of anyone who would be interested in meeting us for coffee in Canberra or over Zoom anywhere else, we’d love to chat.”

-Looking for Suppliers
“Our team is in urgent need of an injection moulding supplier that will help with student discounts."

“We need to budget for a Product Marketer when it comes to release. If anyone has some good leads please let us know.”

You can add up to 3 wishes to your Wishlist. These can be updated at any time until we go live for voting.
Anyone who is invited onto the Kinetic community can see your wishes. If it is something they’d like to help with, they will click on ‘open’ and agree to help. The community member earns points on the platform, and so does your project.
Your email address is visible to community members, so they will get in touch with their offer to help.

No. Each team is limited to 3 wishes on their wish list during the voting period which opens on 24th May 2023.

Wishlist FAQ’s
For community members looking at projects

Each project has up to 3 wishes they may add onto their Wishlist. They have been encouraged to add things they need to advance their project that are specific and realistic.
If you read any and think you’d like to help, simply click ‘open’ and click on ‘confirm’ to let them know you can help.

The project lead's email is visible on each project page. Once you’ve agreed to help, you can simply contact them through their email address to set things up.